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    How can I disable or repair Management Engine?


      Following a power outage, I am receiving the following error messages on boot on a HP all-in-one computer (27-a027c (Touch)):


      ME FW Update Failed, please try again!


      Error sending End Of Post message to ME: HECI disabled, proceeding with boot!


      The computer can eventually start in normal Windows mode (Win10), but hard drive I/O is pegged at 100% and the machine crawls. In Safe Mode, however, everything runs fine.


      I have tried installing the latest ME update from HP sp90139 and have run the Management Engine Utility from Intel. In both cases, the programs exist quickly. The Management Engine Utility reports "Unknown exception has occurred...".


      How can I either disable ME functionality so that my computer runs in regular Windows as it does in Safe Mode or repair the Management Engine issue? If this is a hardware issue, what's my recommended recourse? Can the ME chip be replaced?




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          In the simplest of terms, unless HP had provided a way for you to disable the ME (which I seriously doubt), you simply can't disable it. Since the ME does not have valid firmware currently, is essentially shut down once Windows starts booting. As you can see, enough things in Windows are reliant on the ME that you see what you see - and you would see the same thing if you truly disabled the ME.


          In Intel board- and system-level (NUC, Compute Stick and Compute Card) products, a special BIOS mode, called BIOS Recovery, is provided that will allow you to overcome ME firmware corruption and get the latest ME firmware loaded and running. I do not know if HP provides such a capability; you will need to ask them (it is their BIOS after all).


          Hope this helps,


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            I tried the BIOS recovery, but that didn't work either. Things seem to go well, but the same messages appear when the computer reboots.


            Is there a way to determine if this is a hardware issue? If the ME chip is faulty, that would explain why my attempts to restore the firmware have failed. Should I consider replacing the ME chip? Would that mean that the entire CPU needs to be replaced? I have a i7-6700T processor.


            Thanks for your help. I plan on pursuing with HP as well.

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              The ME microprocessor is embedded in the PCH component (your "chipset", per se), so it is not replaceable. If your vendor's BIOS Recovery process doesn't restore its functionality, either this process is insufficient to recover the firmware or there is a problem with either the firmware hub or the PCH component. Regardless, this is the vendor's problem and you need to be talking to them about a replacement motherboard.


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