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    D415 REC error - unknown cause


      Hi all,


      After 2 months of using several D415 (doing just fine), 4 out of 10 started failing. We get a 'Hardware notification: REC Error (...)' in the RealSense viewer. See screenshot.



      As you can see:

      • USB3.1 is used (and detected! so cable = OK).
      • Resolution is low so there should not be a data overflow.
      • RGB works fine.
      • Depth image gives random stuff.

      Extra info:

      • Structured light LEDs are flickering as usual.
      • Camera does not feel like it's overheating or anything
      • Above screenshot is 1 camera directly connected to computer via original USB cable!



      NUC7i5: 16GB RAM + 256GB SSD

      11x Intel D415, via 3xUSB 3.0 hubs (4-port), externally powered. Worked fine without data overflow (low res).


      What could be the issue? How can get more info in the error?

      (Wishful thinking: could updating the firmware to latest version help? Is this calibration-related?)



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          Could you try lowering the FPS from 30 to 15 please and see if the REC error still occurs. 

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            Hi MartyG,


            thanks for your input! This made no difference -however, apparently updating the firmware to v5.10.3 did help. I hope the issue stays resolved this way.

            The strange thing is that we had no problems in the 2 prior months of testing?


            Sorry for the big thread with an apparently easy solution. As long as this can help others or the further development it was not worthless though :-)

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              You're very welcome!   I was asking about the FPS reduction because when there are 'USB REC' type errors, a reduction in resolution or FPS usually fixes it.  And you could not go lower in terms of resolution. 


              If you have problems in the future, especially when using multiple cameras, a user in the past with a multi-cam setup (up to 4 cameras) found that they could run their application for long periods if they used an industrial-grade USB hub.