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    how can i connect my dell mini 10 with the vga port to my tv with vga port?


      hi every one.

      i try to connect my mini10 dell laptop with the Mobile Intel(R) 945 Express graphic cardto my lcd tv with vga port.

      i have bought the male vga to vga cable. i conectted both side to tv and laptop. i set up my tv to vga . but my computer graphic card could not understand the monitor so in graphic display properties shows only my laptop monitor and it said that " two display must be connected to the computer before you can  use this feature, please connect another display."

      this is shown that the vga card could not feel the tv monitor from the vga port.

      please help me if you know something about this .

      i read many article in this web site but it is not useable for this.

      regards and thank you in advance.