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    NUC8i7HVK: USB keyboard & mouse freeze


      Both when navigating the BIOS screens and when I boot my Linux system, my keyboard and mouse freeze aftera short period of working (<30 seconds). They used to work... (BTW, this isuue started ocurring before I turned off Legacy USB. In fact, I turned off Legacy USB in an attempt to fix this freezing behavior.)


      Any ideas? Things to try? I just updated my BIOS, and all the settings are at their default values. The keyboard and mouse that I'm using to type this on an adjacent mini-PC is the same that freezes.



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          Normally, I would suggest that you update to the latest available BIOS using BIOS Recovery, but since you just did that, I an unsure what else to suggest. Since you did the recovery operation, have you seen it hang in BIOS Setup (Visual BIOS)?


          BTW, you could have recovered from your earlier faux pas by powering on into the power button menu and then using F2 to enter BIOS setup.


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            About my previous faux pas, I did get to the power button menu, but no keyboard meant that I couldn't use F2 to enter BIOS setup.


            I have seen the mouse/keyboard hang after recovery, although if I don't move to a different screen in Visual BIOS, I seem to be able to move the mouse around for as long as I want. I haven't figured out what triggers a freeze.

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              I have asked the design team to comment on this issue. In the meantime, since they won't see this until sometime tomorrow, please answer the following questions for me:


              1. Do you also have Windows installed? If so, does this type of hang also occur while in Windows?
              2. What brand of keyboard and mouse? Are they wireless? If so, do they share a dongle?
              3. What other device(s) do you have plugged into USB?
              4. What monitor(s)/TV(s) do you have connected? How (i.e. what cables and what dongles are used)?
              5. What SSD(s) do you have installed?
              6. What memory DIMM(s) do you have installed.


              Please provide full and proper part numbers for all of these items; descriptions are useless to us.


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                1. I do not also have Windows installed. I am running Arch Linux with a 4.18.1.a-1 kernel with all packages fully updated.
                2. I have a Logitech Marble Mouse T-BC21 and a EysPC Falcon/Z-77 (87 key) mechanical keyboard. Both are plugged into a USB 2.0 hub, but I get the same freeze when they are separately connected to the front USB sockets.
                3. No other USB devices. I had a Western Digital My Passport Ultra Metal Edition 2TB USB 3.0 portable drive, but I disconnected it.
                4. I have a LG 27UK650_600 27" monitor running at 3840 x 2160 @ 30 MHz.
                5. I have a Samsung 970 Pro 1TB SSD [UPC:MZ-V7P1T0] [EAN:MZ-7P1T0BW]
                6. 2x16GB Ballistix Sport Gaming Memory DDR4-2666 @ 1.2V BLS2K 16G4S26BFSD


                I tried a wireless Logitech mouse and got the same behavior.


                I tried not clicking anything in Visual BIOS, and I appeared to be able to move the mouse just fine, but as soon as booted into Linux, I lost both the mouse and the keyboard, as before.


                [OK, this is last update.]

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                  You do realize HVK does not support Linux at all? Most likely your lockups are related to not 100% support for the CPU in the kernel. Also, the front left USB port is on a secondary controller so it does not work until Windows is loaded so there may not be support fr it in Linux as well.


                  Have you tried installing Windows onto the system to see if you get the same issues? Could be a defective unit maybe?

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                    I do understand that Linux is not officially supported. A couple of comments.:

                    • the freezes also occured while in Visual BIOS, before any OS started running
                    • I had a working system for a few days
                    • every time I've installed Linux on a laptop or desktop in almost two decades, most things work out of the box.Sometimes there are things which work in a degraded fashion (like the amdgpu in this case.; support became available in the 4.18 kernel.) but I've always been able to do useful work. I am mindful of an alleged Yogi Berra saying, "It's tough making predictions, especially about the future."


                    Your comment about the front left USB port can't be right because I am running Linux off of a flash drive in that port. It booted just fine.

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                      You said you had a working system for a few days. I wonder if an update was pushed to the Linux OS that broke something?

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                        I think that's likely because a new kernelwas pushed out one day after the previous one was released.

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                          Hello vgivanovic ,

                          I suggest to try the following:

                          1. Recover again your Bios, to be sure that the bios is complete.

                          2. Install Windows 10 Pro clean installation (using UEFI boot): Windows 10 Help Forums  .

                          3. Create Virtual Machine with Hyper-V: Create a Virtual Machine with Hyper-V | Microsoft Docs

                          4. Install your Linux on Virtual Machine


                          Now check how your mouse works.