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    Output Resolution & colourspace on H55 HDMI/DVI


      Hi All,


      I recently bought an H55 and I3-540 to use as an HTPC.


      My TV only accepts Composite and Component (Y/Pb/Pr @ 480i) input. (My next TV will be HD (HDMI 1080p)).


      Can anyone confirm if this video chipset can output to the Component (Y/Pb/Pr @ 480i) format?

      And which port is the best to connect to DVI or HDMI?


      I bought some cables, plugged it in, and eventually got the windows desktop to come up, but it was all weird colours (green, and pink and purple/red) and the scan rate must have been incorrect - as the image kept scrolling on the TV.


      I don't know where/how with the latest drivers, I can setup the 480i output.

      Any help would be great.


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          I've read that there is an Intel TV Wizard application (for Win 7 (32bit)).

          Does this offer more functionality than the Intel Hd Graphics control panel in Win7 (64bit) that I'm currently using?

          If so, I'll install Win7 (32bit) and use the TV Wizard. If not, I don't have to go through the Win7 re-install procedure, but need to keep looking for a solution.