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    I7 7700k producing random squares on monitor


      I have had my pc built for about 6 months now and it includes the following:


      - i7 7700k Kaby Lake CPU

      - Nvidia GTX 1080 FE GPU

      - z270 gaming pro motherboard MSI

      - 2x4GB of Vegenance RAM

      - 8TB of storage and an additional 4TB of external storage

      - 500GB Samsung SSD


      My problem only occurs every 2 months or so but once i restart my PC it seems to stop for a while.  Whenever i move my mouse these random black/white squares will pop up on the monitor and if i am video editing they bounce around like crazy.  I was told by GeekSqaud (who doesnt know much) that it was the GPU but video editing is very CPU intensive.  I have contacted Nvidia just in case.  I am attaching the file of the problem.  Again this GPU and PC are dusted every week and kept in perfect condition.  PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO FOR A BETTER UNDERSTANDING.