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    DX58SO not working with tripple channel memory anymore!




      my PC was working fine for the last two months, last week it started constantly rebooting. After it rebooted it wont be possible to turn it on without reseting the CMOS. It will turn on for 3 sec, then turn of and turn on automatically but will not boot, no BIOS access, screen is off. In order to make it boot I was need to reset CMOS.


      After last spontinious reboot even CMOS reset didn't help. So I have found that it will boot successfully with one or two RAM sticks - tripple does not work anymore. So I have tested each RAM stick with memtest (4 passes), no errors found. When I checked with two RAM sticks, again no errors found.

      It looks like that memory is OK, its just do not work in tripple channel.


      My suspicious is that it is motherboards fault or processor, since memory controller is inside processor? One of the member of Intel chat support suggested to send back the intel processor to replace. What do you think, which hardware piece is failing here?


      And another weird thing is, that I did BIOS update with the latest firmware, it went ok, still the pc was spontaniuosly rebooting. But after the last reboot BIOS setup window background color has changed from blue to black colour. I wonder, does it indicate that this is motherboards fault or backgraound colour was changed by the Intel in the BIOS firmware update?


      To add more, I had pc constant rebooting problems with the same components but with different motherboard - ASUS P6TSE, I couldn't find what was the reason, because all the tests indicated that components were working fine, so I have changed it to Intel DX58SO, which was working without any reboots for the last two months..


      Would be grateful for your thoughts, suggestions and help.


      CPU: intel i7 920

      RAM: 3x2GB Corsair TR3X6G1333C9 (9-9-9-24 and tried with default BIOS settings)

      GPU: XFX 260 GT

      PSU: Corsair 650W

      HDD: Hitachi 500GB