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    Converting RealSense D415 bag file to PCD


      I've received my RealSense D415 10 days ago (I'm not a developer) and I was trying to use it for room scanning. I've recorded a *.bag file through the viewer and the Unity wrapper and I'm trying to convert the .bag file to a point cloud; I've tried using ROS:


      rosrun pcl_ros bag_to_pcd <input_file.bag> <topic> <output_directory>


      But the output directory is always empty, so is there a way that I can use to get a point cloud (then create a mesh) from the D415?


      BTW: I've tried the *.PLY in the viewer and that's not a 3D scan it's simply a depth snap/shot of what is directly in-front of the camera not a real 3D scan. RecFusion can be used but it has limitations on the size of the object you want to scan.


      Thanks in advance.

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