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    Poor 4KB Random Read Performance. Normal?

      Hello Community,


      I just recently purchased a X25-M G2 160GB for my laptop. I installed it, updated the firmware, did a clean install of Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium and installed Intel SSD Toolbox and Rapid Storage Technologies as well. However, as I benchmarked the SSD, I noticed a problem with the 4KB Random Read Performance. As you can see from below, the 4KB Random Read is only 10 MB/s which is even lower than the 4KB Random Write of 28 MB/s. I was wondering what's wrong? I have tried reinstalling Windows, running SSD Toolbox, and checking for disk alignment. However, nothing seemed to improve the  4KB Random Read performance.


      Your feedback is much appreciated,



      Here's my system info:

      Windows Experience Index (TM2).JPG

      System Specs.JPG


      AS SSD Benchmark.png

      Intel SSD Toolbox.jpg