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    Brand new laptop running slowly. How can I find out what's wrong with it?


      Just bought this brand new laptop: https://www.amazon.com/Lenovo-ThinkPad-T450s-Performance-Windows/dp/B019ZU02OE/ref=sr_1_78?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1527288433&sr=1-78&keywords=laptop+external+battery+ssd+1tb

      For a $2000 laptop, it seems to be running very slowly:

      1. Scrolling up and down the page on youtube (chrome) is very laggy (less so on other webpages)

      2. Going into or out of fullscreen on a youtube video causes the window to stutter before completing the action. The video itself also stutters from time to time (not frequently).

      3. 1-2 second delay when opening, closing or switching between a chrome window/tab

      4. Typing into win+s searchbar is very slow; letters appear 2-5 seconds after having been typed

      5. Opening applications such as "Movies & TV" takes 7-10 seconds to open and load, which seems very slow given the specs of the laptop.

      I have benchmarked the cpu, ssd, and memory, which all seem to be operating at expected levels, so this might not be a hardware problem?

      Please provide me with any troubleshooting options/possibilities!