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      hi.. i have a d945gcnl with e2160 1.8ghz..... mine is a weak processor and i want to upgrade it..... i went to  a store and found e5400 available..... is it compatible with this board?... if not please suggest any core2duo processor that is compatible with this board available in market now!!




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          Hello Rohan,


          Here is the list of tested CPU for this board:



          I would advise to update your bios to the latest version before fittingg the new CPU since sometimes some later CPU revision needs to have the latest bios installed.


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            you're not getting my point..... i havent yet bought that processor... i still use the e2160...suggest a gud processor from the core 2 duo series that is available in the market currently..... and e5400 was just my opinion.... now that its not in the list of compatible processors.... i'll have to wait for your reply

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              I have added 6 compatible CPUs on the ark comparison features.


              Refer to this link:



              Based on these features, try to see which CPU will suit your needs most appropriately.


              You will need to take your own decision; i have provided you with the facts and compatibility information. The only thing that i would add is to make sure to get the CPU with SL number that are on the compatibility list as some CPU have several SL numbers and not all have been validated on this board.


              Simple things to help you to choose your CPU:

              - cache size

              - fsb spped

              - memory speed that you are currently using.

              - Clock Speed

              - CPU Supports VT

              - Type of applications that you are planninhg to use.

              - main one will be your budget


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