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    Librealsense 3D Object/Face reconstruction




      I'm quite sure there is no middleware for librealsense, such as the FACE and SCAN 3D middleware that were available for the Realsense SDK v.1 (previous to librealsense).
      But I am looking for a developer(s) that might be interested in developing a library for facescan that could replicate the output of the v.1 middleware, but with a better precision.
      Everybody here knows that the v.1 middleware created models that were very light but also very smoothed, which resulted in a poor definition of the face/body/head/whatever you were scanning with the sr300. And the source code was never released so there is no way of tweaking those smoothing parameters to obtain something better.


      My goal now is to find a way to obtain more from the sr300, like in the pictures i am attaching, which are screenshots taken from a proprietary software that supports sr300. The quality is much much higher than the v1 middleware released by Intel back then, and I wish to obtain the same results. If there is no available SDK/middleware (open source or paid) I am also willing to pay for someone who can make this.




      Thank you for your understanding and sorry if i posted in the wrong section!