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    Recently purchased Intel SS4200-EHW


      I have recently purchased a SS4200 (refurbished) It arrived without, Memory, a power cord and the DOM (Which i am not sure I should get with a EHW. The question I have is 2 fold, (and if I am posting this in the wrong location please move to the appropriate place i would appreciate it).Should a SS4200-EHW come with a power cord, memory and a DOM? And yes :-) I understand the terms of "unless other wise specified". and if it if the EHW does not come with a DOM or "might not" in my situation, then is it possible to use a 2.5 laptop drive, with an adapter of course and plug to the blue pata controller ? Using this as a standard 2.5" IDE drive? I hope someone can answer my question.


      Many Thanks