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    X25 ACHI - Intel vs MSASCI




      I have X25 80GB G2 and have enabled AHCI and Win 7 installed its own driver (msahci i believe). I ran AS SSD Benchmark utility and my rating jumped to 400. It was at around 200 with IDE drivers. I'm very happy about that.


      My question is, would there be any additional benefit installing new Intels drivers vs staying with default msaschi?


      I've tried to locate new intels drivers but there's no .exe file in the zip of Intel IRST Does anyone have a direct link for it?


      Windows 7 Pro 64bit

      Motherboard; P6T SE X58

      X25 SSD 80GB MLC G2



      Thanks in advance

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          Opps, I've corrected spelling in the subject.

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            For most there is absolutely no noticeable performance gain between the two.  The Intel drivers, however, are ideal for RAID volumes.



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              I noticed that. I figured out how to inatall Intel's driver and bench tested it with MSACHI vs Intels and Intel;s had very slight advantage.

              MSACHI  = 403 rating

              Intel = 409 rating


              I will still keep Intels' drivers.


              Thanks for your answer

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                Thats why I stated 'noticeable performance' eheheh



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                  One thing I have noticed that has me deciding to use the MS driver.  The "Safe to remove hardware" feature in Windows (Win 7/64 Pro) does NOT list the hard drives in the P55 controller with the Intel driver.  I have a ASUS P7P55D-E Pro mother board with 6 SATA ports for the P55, 2 for the J.Micron controller and 2 for the Marvel controller.  With the MS driver ALL hardware is reported in the Safely remove hardware list (Even the X25-M OS drive).  For the six P55 sata ports I use one for the SSD, one for my 1 TB storage drive and 1 each for my DVD drives, one for my dedicated hot swap dock on top of my case (coolermaster CM690 2 Advanced) and the last one for an eSata connector on the back of the case.  If I use the other controllers for my hot swap dock they are reported with the Intel driver but I find they are slower.  With the hot swap dock attached to the same controller as my SSD and 1TB storage drive things are much quicker but I can't click safely remove hardware for this device because it's not listed.  Due to the fact that the Intel drivers are so close in performance to the MS driver I'm sticking with the MS driver because of this.  If there is benefit to the Intel driver besides the slight speed advantage I would like to know about it.

                  Does anyone have any thoughts.