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    isdct show -intelssd displays No Results


      Hi all,


      I have a Dell R740XD with 24 2.5 inch slots in front BP. It has Intel SSDs and one Intel HHHL card (combination of P4500 and 4600). These are connected to mobo via 2 PCIe extender cards. PCIe Extender in slot 4 in connected to Bay 1 and PCIe Extender in slot 3 is connected to Bay 2. All the disks are discovered in Device Manager so problem in connectivity.


      I have an Windows 2012 R2 server OS installed on one of the PCIe SSDs. The intent of installing isdct tool was to try to format the Intel SSDs. But using the tool, it does not list any SSDs. I am running the tool as an administrator. The tool obviously is not discovering the disks. I created a simple volume on one of the disks and it still does not show up with isdct. Is there any other prerequite that I am missing out on?