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    My Core 2 Duo T9300 2.5ghz Randomly runs at 100% in games.


      So ive had this problem for a few months, and i didnt figure out what was causeing it till now.  When i am running any game, randomly throughout gameplay my CPU will peek at 100% and remain like that for about a minet or 2, and during this time, the game freezes and locks up or lags very bad.  this happens about every 7-8 minets.  On some games its still playable, but on higher end games, im frozen for the duration.  I at first thoguht it was the video card, but i updated drivers and tryed on loweest settings, and it still persisted.  It wasnt until i was running a game with the Resource Manager running, did i notice my CPU went from about 60% to 100% when the frame dropped occured.


      Has anyone had a similer problem or heard about any method to resolve this?


      Ive had this laptop for 1-2 years now and it never did it until the past few months.


      Any help is appreciated, because its seriously starting to get on my nervs.. haha.