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    Intel SR300 Razer Stargazer Cant get it to work with OBS


      Recently purchased the Razer Stargazer and just realising now that there isnt much support anymore for these sorts of products. Got the camera working in general, the realsense is working fine in xsplit and all other programs however, the intel real-sense plugin located in OBS fails to function.https://gyazo.com/4132ea0c25daa38f5cbbdc7d65c31bb8

      Screen capture - 4132ea0c25daa38f5cbbdc7d65c31bb8 - Gyazo


      Ive contacted OBS, they told me to personally ask you guys at intel as you apparently coded the plugin for them and they have no idea. Its also slightly frustrating to find that a lot of the programs listed on intels website are all 404 errors and no longer support intel realsense. Razer seems to have fully disowned this product by removing it from their website and failing to reply to support tickets. So, if you dont know why OBS might be failing could you perhaps recommend a application or program that will support intels realsense so it will work with OBS. As ive said, xsplit the realsense camera works fine but i hate xsplit and am more of an OBS Fan, so yea. Help me please