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    IDP IoT Security enabled OS alternative option

      Dear Team,
      I am Sakthi from TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES, Chennai- India from IoT Stream.
      Working as a IoT Solution architect.

      We are looking for an assistance to choose right security OS and choose right gateway accordingly

      For one of the project we used IDP moon island but looks like idp is no longer available and EOL.
      Hence wanted to choose alternate security enabled OS ,mainly with following feartures

      Features :
      1.Disk Encryption
      2. EFI Secure Boot
      3. MQTT with latest TLS
      4. Verified Boot and Image Signing
      5. IP tables - Firewall
      6. Mcafee embedded security
      7. Vlan
      9.remote_session with SSH
      11. Modbus
      12. OPC
      13. includes below 3 python libraries


      It will be great if you guide ASAP to choose right OS &Gateway to proceed further