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    Intel heat sink problem

      When I built my Pentium 4 computer 7 years ago, I went with all Intel products,  The mobo is D845PEBT2, for the CPU I went with the 2.4 GHz. Every thing went smoothly without any problems what so ever over that time period.  It even serves as our HDTV.  A month or so I upgraded the CPU to a P4  3.06 GHz, the fan/heat sink that was included was junk, so I used the old fan.  Things continued smoothly until a warm weather day and I was getting temp warnings.  So I went back to the 2.4GHz unit, until I could get an actual Intel unit that was for the hotter running CPU.  When I installed this fan/heat sink  I couldn't get it to clamp down as tight as the old one did and as a result the CPU got fried.


      My question is why would there be this much of a difference between the fan/heat sink, when they are both made by Intel and also the CPU's are Intel?  Has anyone else ever experienced this problem?


      The only other thing I could come up with, would be a need for a different base, that would make it snap together tighter, but the base on this board was put there by Intel, so I would have to assume that the both fans would be the same as far as locking in place.