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    d865perl board BIOS sees full 4 gig memory inconsistantly; i.e. single/dual or dynamic paging.


      Hello all.  I've updated this board with new bios, battery, and new memory to a full 4 gig following all intel recomendations.  3.2Ghz pentium 4 processor.  Windows XPpro.  Upon each boot, the BIOS will have up to 4 different ways of "seeing" the memory and cannot seem to lock on consistantly.  Memory is fully tested and functional.

      Everytime I do a restart, it sees the memory as either single/dual channel with or without dynamic paging.  Before upgrade, it seemed to be ok at identifying the 2 gig setup.  Any help on a work around or fix?  Can I make the bios configure manually somehow?  Thanks in advance.