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    Upgrading motherboard on laptop... Laptop Will not post after change?


      Good Evening,


      This is my first post on this forum, so please forgive me if I don't follow formatting correctly etc...


      I am the happy owner of a Toshiba portege r700 15x laptop, which is now a couple of years old. What with it being first and only laptop, I am currently in the process of upgrading and updating it bit by bit.

      Currently, this laptop has a soldered on i5-520m processor. I have found this processor gets excessively hot, and I have been unable to find a fix (usual suspects like software and dust have been addressed). I looked into the possibility of buying a new motherboard for the laptop with a newer more powerful processor, which I found online, new conditiom, this time an i7-2460m processor, belonging to a newer version of my laptop. I did a little research to see if it would be possible to use an upgraded motherboard, and I was informed by several sources this would be absolutely fine.

      Motherboard arrived, and I disconnected the old one and hooked up the new one. Checked all the cables, re applied thermal paste and the heat sink. After plugging the battery back in, pressing the power button did... Very little... The power light came on, the hard drive spun up, the disk drive did it's usual start up. I could hear the processor making quiet noises and it was giving off slight heat, indicating it was working in the background. Fan did not start, nothing on the screen.


      At first I thought part of my laptop was damaged, so I reconnected the old board; worked absolutely fine.


      The new motherboard was brand new and had no reason to be faulty. Currently, my laptop has the original i5 board back in place.



      The main question here, am I being a massive idiot? Do I need to install new BIOS for the new board to work successfully?  Is the new board just not able to work with my laptop?

      And also, the i5 520m excessive overheating (it sometimes idles at 50°c), does anyone know a fix for this? This particular it is only 3 months old (I had to replace the original board due to a snapped connector).


      Any help would be appreciated!