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    Intel Matrix Storage Console (V7.8) New XP Install


      Hello, I have a Dell XP (Precision 380) system which had RAID1 running. The OS corrupted and will not boot Windows but it does get to the CTRL I for RAID config.  I now have a nice clean Win XP installation with my programs, configurations, etc. all set and it boots NON RAID just fine. I installed the Intel Matrix Storage Console from download section.  The BIOS is enabled to see RAID (Detect ACHI automatically).  I do not get the CTRL I at POST.  In Windows, the console can be brought up and it shows the 2 drives (no RAID).  There is no item under ACTIONS to create the RAID.  How do I get the PC to allow me create the RAID?


      PS  Under Device Manager, the Intel 8201GR/GH SATA ACHI controller was found.


      Thank you!