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    Help with component selection for IoT Device. Please!


      Hi all! I'm Francisco with Umbo .

      We're building a device that automatically displays information in the walls of your home and allows you to navigate it with gestures.


      We started in 2016 but have been choosing wrong components that don't deliver the experience we're looking to achieve.


      First Try: We started with a Snapdragon 410 Processor + RGB Camera + simple Computer Vision algorithms, but wasn't good enough.

      We needed depth and something that could feel more natural when it came to swiping your hands to navigate through the windows of content.


      Second Try: We started using Leap Motion sensor with a Snapdragon820 Processor.

      Long story short, Leap Motion shut down the libraries we were using and completely blocked us so back to square one.


      Third Try: We Tried the Texas Instrument OPT8241 Time of Flight Sensor with the same Snapdrago820 Processor and it has also been a hassle, two products don't seem to match as we want them to match.



      Finally.... we're trying to use RealSense Depth Camera D435 and Jetson TX2 Processor to get our prototype off the ground.

      Is there any way to see how compatible are these two components? Anyone has ever used them?

      Any advice on what should we be using instead?


      This will be an IoT device that needs to be small.

      Our first prototypes were just a bit bigger than a baseball, but we can make it bigger to fit a larger processing uint and what not.


      Size is not important right now, we're just worried about delivering a great user experience.



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          Your project was very interesting to me, as I am currently designing a similar interactive projection interface for a fictional videogame I'm developing, with the projection from a wearable device being in front of the face of the player's character instead of on a physical surface. 


          Yes, the 400 Series cameras and Nvidia Jetson TX2 can be used together.  Setup does not always go smoothly, but it can certainly be done.  It is getting easier over time as Intel add ongoing refinements to RealSense's ARM support, such as CUDA-optimized implementation for the Nvidia TX platform.


          The link below may be of use to you.


          Guide to using Nvidia Jetson TX2 with RealSense 400 Series cameras


          Also, if you search YouTube for 'realsense d435 nvidia tx2' then you can see some videos of D435 and TX2 being used together.


          $00 Series cameras can work with any Intel or ARM processor, so there is a wide potential choice of single-board computers that could be used as alternatives to Jetson TX2.  Especially recommendable for use with the 400 Series are the Up Board series.


          Up Board | Power Up Your Ideas!

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            Thanks MartyG for your answer.

            Very helpful. We'll keep digging and keep you posted with advances.