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    recover data after disabling optane failure


      I have a 58GB Optane SSD accelerating a 3TB hard disk


      My computer became unresponsive after beginning the optane disabling process.


      Restarting the computer I saw the optane acceleration process restart and reach 100%, however the drive did not recover and the process began again.


      I restarted and disabled optane acceleration from the bios and booted into windows, my drives were visible, however the files and filesystem on the 3TB drive appear to be from 1 month prior before optane acceleration was enabled.


      I used puran file recovery on the optane drive however the files I require are zero-size


      I used the file recovery software to look for the same files on the 3TB drive however they cannot be found at all.


      Is there a file recovery software that will be able to find the files on the 3TB drive?