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    Throw out the old servers, in your datacenter to buy new ones? … Why? …not?



      Here is Werner Schueler, Germany, focusing on the enterprise market since about 15 years as an IT project manager for a large car manufacturer in Stuttgart   and now for Intel. - I'd like to get your opinion on why and when I should replace servers in the datacenter, or better why shouldn't I?



      The following aspects might play a role, and are definitely worth a consideration:


      • Space - About 66% of the UK datacenters Symantec study are bound to run out of space between now and the next 2 years. Why not build a new datacenter?

      • Power - Do new servers generally consume less power, or do I run out of power before running out of space?

      • Age of system - Does that really matter? If the Old server does the job?

      • Age of software - Maybe that's more relevant, as new releases provide more functionality and also more protection.

      • Costs - There is the price of the new server, but is that all which has to be taken into account?


      Essentially Total Costs of Ownership or TCO is all it boils down to, where not only Capital Expenditures (Cost of hardware) but also operational expenditure (including the monthly power bill) have to be taken into account. So let's look at some of the factors. And evaluate them.



      Does Virtualization bring a reason by itself to drive a datacenter refresh as VMware suggests? Using virtualization in combination of server consolidation with the utilization of more performing hardware, using the same or a smaller power envelope is generally the key to drive the costs of operations down.



      Let's look at space constraints in the datacenter.  Symantec suggest to use better the existing space in the datacenter, e.g. fill up half empty racks. At the end of the day, this will postpone the problem. And often space goes hand in hand with cooling capacities, which might be reached earlier. So what do I do if I run out of space in the datacenter?