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    i7 8086k recommended max temp at IDLE and under LOAD


      Hey Community,
      I'm new here, and i am looking for some advice,
      i currently have a i7 8086k processor running Every Day at 5.1ghz all cores at 1.3v, no offset etc,
      max temps under load using prime95 are 73C is this pretty safe for the CPU?
      I've read things saying anything under 100C to 65C is safe, but that quite the jump in numbers,
      was hoping the community will have something better to say about it?


      pc setup
      8086k 5.1ghz
      Dark Rock pro 3 cpu cooler
      Aorus Gaming 5 Mobo
      16gb 3000mhz ram
      1060 3gb


      Thanks IC in Advance.