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    Are You Aware Of This Problem? HD 630 Not Supporting Multi-monitor After Reboot (Power Down)


      It works initially after cables are inserted. But after rebooting Windows or the Intel driver is no longer able to detect the 2nd monitor after powering down and back on. Strange thing is if I switch the video output ports (Display Port to DVI) it starts working again and stops after powering and rebooting.


      I have checked other forums on the internet with similar problem and found no answers, so I came here.


      Problem occurs every single time.

      Installed the latest HD 630 drivers (win64_24.20.100.6229.exe), same problem. I am not sure if the problem is with Windows or the drivers.

      BIOS has enable multi-display support enabled.


      Asus Prime Z270 (0604 revision BIOS)

      Intel i7-7700K

      32GB RAM

      Nvidia GTX 1080 (drives primary display for gaming)

      The HD 630 drives monitors 2 and 3 (desktop)