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    Ardupilot Compass calibration (bad quality)




      I have an Intel Aero RTF and flash Ardupilot onto it. However, i couldn't have a nice compass calibration quality. As you can see in the figures





      I tried dozens of times in different times, indoor and outdoor environment, via WIFI and via the GCS on-board. I only succeed once and I couldn't duplicate that result.


      I switch to Ardupilot because I had bad experience with PX4. Please see Intel Aero RTF - CRITICAL NAVIGATION FAILURE .


      Now, I have a feeling that my compass is never correctly calibrated. Here in Ardupilot, you can see the calibration is complete and the quality is the lowest. I can arm the drone and fly. However, it will frequently raise an "GPS Glitch" error and have aggressive behavior.


      Previously in PX4, I always get the "critical navigation failure: check sensor calibration" error. I guess the reason is that the compass is not correctly calibrated.


      BTW, I reset the airframe in QGroundControl. It didn't help.


      I understand the behavior of both PX4 and Ardupilot highly rely on the quality of compass calibration. This quality makes Intel RTF not usable. Could anyone help me with this? Many thanks!






      Here's the output of aero-get-version.py


      BIOS_VERSION =Aero-01.00.13
      OS_VERSION = Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS"
      AIRMAP_VERSION = unknown
      FPGA_VERSION = 0xc2
      AeroFC firmware version = 3.5.7