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    WiFi - Unable to connect to any network until disable / re-enable card


      Hi All,


      Have a bit of a strange issue which is being seen on a large number of our devices:


      We push a WiFi profile via Group Policy to connect to an non-broadcast SSID which allows for access to our corporate domain. On our Windows 7 devices, we occasionally see an issue connecting to networks with the following Intel cards:







      I have a device with me at the moment where i see the following scenarios when starting the device:


      1. Hidden network is seen and connects fine (the working state)

      2. No networks are seen at all

      3. All broadcast networks are seen but unable to connect with the 'Unable to connect' error message


      In scenarios 2 and 3, if i disable and re-enable the Wireless NIC card, once it's enable, i see no issues. Networks connect and they are all seen. Following a reboot, we're back at square one and the NIC needs to be disabled and enabled again. I've removed all software from the device which may have any interference (VPN clients / AV etc.) but the issue remains.


      Any recommendations? Have this logged with Microsoft but they're unable to give me any ideas yet!