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    Intel Storage Matrix not automatically repairing RAID 10 array, please advise


      I'm running four 1-TB Western Digital Caviar Black drives (WD1001-FALS) in a RAID 10 array.  I've been running them this way for about a year now with relatively little problem; occasionaly ISM would report a drive as having gone bad, but changing the cable would seem to fix it and data redundency would be restored.  Unfortunately, I needed my backup drives for moving very large files between several machines, so deleted my info off these drives with the plan to re-backup after I was done using them for this purpose.  As luck would have it, that night the computer spontaneously rebooted and TWO of the drives came up as reading bad, so the array reads 'FAILED' in the storage controller settings at POST, and Intel Storage Matrix also shows it as failed with two "offline member" drives.  Since this RAID array was the boot drive for my system I could not get into windows, and re-installed windows 7 on an old IDE drive that is now piggy-backed onto the system.  I initially used the storage controller to remove one drive from the array, as I've fixed minor Matrix errors before this way (remove it, then change it back to RAID and the volume would rebuild).  This time I removed the drive from the storage controller on POST.  When I discovered I couldn't re-add the drive in the storage controller, I installed Windows onto the IDE drive.  I changed some SATA cables and the other three drives now correctly show as online RAID members but it lists the 4th drive as 'Missing'.  I did a low-level format of the 4th drive and tried to re-add it to the array; I can change it back to a 'Spare' but Intel Storage Matrix does not automatically begin the process of rebuilding the array, despite all other 3 members reporting as 'okay'.  I then formatted and added one of the empty backup drives to the system and marked it as a 'spare', but Intel Storage Matrix STILL does not rebuild the array.


      Can someone help me with this?  This array carries all of my personal data for the past 10 years, taxes, Quicken, documents, everything.  I need to recover this array but am at a total loss, since Intel Storage Matrix is not fixing things.  Any suggestions?  My other thought was to somehow do a sector-by-sector clone of one of the valid member drives to a replacement drive and hope the system correctly identifies it as an array member, but I don't know what else to do.  Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!


      Thanks in advance.