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    MB F2 doesn't work


      I have a DP35DP mb bd so when it boots up I see the F2 and a 94 which means a bad keybd which I changed to 3 different keybds.  I even moved the bio's jumper to the  2 3 and removed it an still has the 94.  I removed the HD's and left  the Mem and a 7300 GS video card in.



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          I changed the config switch and now get a EB instead of the 94 and then tied the F9 and the screen that says Serial ATA and ahci bios and uspd 5/9/2008 This version suports HDs and CD rom drives but have a DVD recorder rerecorder/CD recorder and then I see below that please wait this will take a few seconds and that was about 5 minutes now so where do go now?