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    Intel HD 4000 WDDM 1.3?


      Hello, I'd like to know if the Intel HD 4000 driver will be updated to WDDM 2.0 at least and if not why. I want to be able to see my graphics usage in task manager which requires 2.0 and above.

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello johnoth,

          I understand that you are looking to get the WDDM 2.0 instead of the current one you have.

          I would like to start by telling you that in this case, the Windows*10 comes with that version included, and there should not be any need to update it. In fact, different versions come with the different Windows versions.

          Now, to have more specific details of your system. Please follow these steps: 

          1. In the keyboard, press WinLogo key + R. 
          2. In the Run box please type dxdiag and hit Enter.
          3. Click on Save All Information (save it in your desktop). 
          4. Attach the report to this thread. 

          David V

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            It's not going to happen.

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              Not at all? I understand that the graphics card didn't have dx12, or anything related in mind when being designed, BUT Kronos got their first Vulkan driver working! I know the Linux and Windows driver models are completely different, but if there was a way to at least get the simplest support for WDDM 2.0, can't Intel do it? If I could program for a GPU I would! If not then it was worth the effort...p.s I own a Macbook and won't be upgrading for some time, that's why.