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    DH57JG problems - can't install any o.s !



      I'm trying to install a windows os on the new board unseccessfully..


      i'm using I3-540 with a 2x2gb mushkin ddr3-1333mhz.


      and the story goes like this:


      i tried installing a fresh copy of windows 7, all went good up until i got to the new user name screen, i entered it and i got "preparing your desktop" messege and than it all went black - the computer suddenly rebooted itself (the cpu fan shut off and all..) - i tried it a couple of more times and i understood that something is wrong.


      then, i tried going back to the windows 7 setup cd, all of the sudden, it started rebooting in the "windows starting" screen and stayed that way - i never got to the "preparing your desktop" screen again..


      i tried a to install XP, i got to 80% and then it happend all over again (3 seconds reboot with fans off)


      so far i tried diffrent HDD's, diffrent SATA cables, i switched between the Dimm sticks (even tried only one stick) -  no luck.


      i tried checking the RAM with the windows setup tools for an hour or so and all came out good.


      is it something with the board ? / cpu / built in VGA ?


      please help..