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    cant unscrew the screw


      Hello all ! Just got a new Intel NUC NUC8I7HVK2 Hades Canyon ! Im full excited to make it work and unleash the beast and got stuck still in ther assembly. After i remove the 6 initial screws with the key provided , im unable to unscrew the central screw to take off the metal plate and put the ram and the ssd. Any help cause i think i will got crazy and <REMOVED> the the screw. Bought 2 different kits this morning with a series of screw drivers but nada. In soem videos they said a normal Philips screwdriver. I used one that has a ph0 ph00 and ph000 but i think are too little for the screw. Tried over 50 different driver types but nooone seems to fit perfectly. I even put a little white tape to be able to make it more easies but nothiong. More than that im fearing i will broke the screw and 1000 eu in the bin ! Anyone can help me ? i just ordered from amazon another set called  "Lihao Mini Screwdriver Set 25 Piece Computer Tool Kit, Glasses, Mobile Phone, Laptop (Slotted, Phillips, Torx) in leather case" and hoping one of that will work that.




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          Hello sesshomaru86
          Thank you for joining the community.
          I see that you are having complete the hardware set up of the Intel® NUC, allow me to help you with the inquiries. 
           Looking into the case and the picture that you have shared with us I recommend trying a computer shop that may have the tools to extract the screw or see if the place of purchase can exchange the NUC.
          Also, I have sent you a private message to request contact information, please review your private inbox.
          Hope this help.
          Leonardo C.

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            Mark the case as resolved. In the end after almost one day with 100 screwdrivers got it to remove . In the box there was even a spare one so i can replace thr broken one . Thanx again for your kind reply and suggestions. Just wish that intel change these kind of screws. It's the second time i got this kind of problem. I had it even with thr kabylake nuc , couldn't unscrew the screw for the ssd m2 support. Got it st the end with a plier..