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    Downgrade RealSense Firmware




      I have a RealSense D435 with the newest 5.9.14 firmware. I was wondering if it possible to downgrade to an older firmware? Does this pose a risk on the camera hardware itself or is it safe? Could I just run an "upgrade" with an older version?


      Thanks for the help.

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          You can downgrade the firmware up to 20 times, after which the camera will only allow a newer firmware version than the one that is currently installed.  I would advise against downgrading too far because you will re-introduce problems with the camera that were corrected in recent firmware updates.  So I would advise only going a few versions back at the most.


          There is not anything in the previous firmware versions that would break the camera but as mentioned above, you may experience degraded performance or be more vulnerable to certain problems fixed in newer firmwares.

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            Oh okay never knew they had it limited as well! Thanks for your help Marty!