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    Bluetooth pairing systematically lost after 2nd Windows reboot.




      I have the following issue after Windows 10 x64 1803 upgrade from 1709. 

      The bluetooth pairing is systematically lost after 2nd reboot. My remote device is a Samsung Galaxy S8 Android v8.0 and Samsung Exp v9.0 (G950FXXU3CRGH/G950F0XM3CRGH/G950FXXU3CRGH) with Android app working in BLE peripheral mode.


      I have scanned my PC with 'Intel diagnostic tool' and updated to the latest driver version below but the issue is not fixed and bluetooth device keep continuing to disappear from device manager. (pairing still visible on the smartphone side)


      Do you know why an android device could disappear from the windows pairing menu and bluetooth device manager menu ?


      Version details:

         DELL  Latitude 7480

         Intel Dual Band-AC 8265  -  Intel wireless Bluettooh to latest driver version 

      Find also enclosed a more detailed system report.