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    Need help with CPU Upgrade


      Hi guys

      I have an old sony vaio laptop Model - VGN FE 25GP  im Upgrading.


      my current cpu Core Duo T2400 SL8VQ 1833 MHz 2 MiB 667 MT/s

      I Want to change the CPU from the T2400 to the  Core 2 Duo T7600 Thats  the Best Cpu Right?? for that chipset??

      Will that run?? what is the model number for the highest CPU i can run


      My intel chipset is i945PM

      Socket 479mPGA

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          Even though teh chipset gives you a guideline for CPUs you can use. But it dosent mean it will for sure, as the Motherboards BIOS needs theat specific microcode to function properly, therefore your best bet is to eithe rocntact soney or teh motherboard manufacturer to find out which cpus are compatible.