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    Quartus Prime v18.0 text not properly cropped


      Hello folks;


      It appears to me that some text in Quartus is not properly being cropped. I've done some digging, but may have overlooked a prior solution.


      I have Quartus Prime v18.0 running on a Dell Inspiron 7373, it's 64 bit running Win10 home edition. This is a fairly generic store bought laptop.


      The first symptom is the headings in the Messages pane. Note that the text for each heading appears to be clipped. I've already tried to reset all the fonts with no luck. If I make the font size smaller or use a different font, then I see the same effect, but with different text.


      The next symptom is in the schematic/block diagram editor. In the following I just inserted an input pin. The issue is that the signal name provided is "pin_name1" rather than "pin_nam". Regarding cropping, if I change the signal name to "ain" then the signal name shown has only half the n being displayed. Also, the signal direction is just "INPU" rather than "INPUT". The box containing the pin will not resize.



      Any and all comments will be appreciated.