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    FPS down in 2 week.....................HELP PLS


      Hello guys. I have an gaming configuration by three years maded to run games at fullHD at 60fps, but about 10 days ago that games that previously run on 60fps or even more now are fixed more or less on 22/24, thinking they were the drivers I tried to uninstall with ddu and reinstall from the beginning but nothing. I formatted the operating system thinking it was corrupt and uninstalled antivirus thinking bottleneck but nothing... I know what to do tests further and I do not know how to test a possible hardware problem of the gpu or cpu / ram ...




      Intel I7 6600k CPU

      Mobo MSI M5 Z170A

      GTX970 CPU

      8GB RAM Corsair LPX

      SSD 250GB

      HDD 1T


      I test everything

      This is an test with hwinfo opened in the backgruond and 3DBenchmark running.

      post you the info and the images:


      - https://www.3dmark.com/3dm/27854480


      - HWinfo screenshots:

      Problem is shown_zpsvl5spt2j.png






      as you can see the problem is the CPU that is the bottleneck but

      I not understand why?! this configuration was designed with this CPU and that has never given problems (sofps ultra setting).

      I also tried to remove the CMOS battery from the mobo for a possible reset of the BIOD, but nothing.

      I post an image of test in gameplay




      there are no hopes.

      if the CPU is irrecoverable, I change its and stop. I think it is useless to continue to do other tests ....

      what do you think?


      ty guyz

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