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    Battle for Middle Earth (BFME 1) low details on ultrahigh settings (integrated card issue)


      Hello everyone,


      I have an HP Spectre laptop -- i7, 8GB ram, intel hd 620 integrated graphics card.


      I am trying to play BFME1 on my laptop, with windows 10. I am able to run the game, that's not the problem. The problem is the graphics. Water and trees are not rendered correctly; they have low detail and are not correctly animated, even on UltraHigh settings. I've been tackling this problem for a month now and I'm 99% sure this is an intel integrated graphics card issue. The reason I'm so sure about this is that I tested the game on 3 different laptops with (different) intel integrated cards and the problem persisted. As soon as I installed the game on a friend's desktop (same installer) the issue is gone. Here's the comparison:






      There's more people complaining about the same. The common denominator -- they all have laptops with intel integrated graphics cards. Examples:





      You can find more details inside my reddit post.


      I've trying everything to solve this issue in my HP laptop, including: running in compatibility mode, reinstalling the game, reinstalling graphics drivers, downgrading the graphic driver to the oldest I could find, experimenting with the options.ini file (including running it with read-only option ticked), meddling with the INI.big file in the game's directory which contains old graphical presets that could be overriding my ultra-high options, etc. etc.


      I know older games are susceptible to this kind of thing. Sometimes, the games won't even launch, and when they do, there's usually graphical glitches all over. It's becoming more and more difficult to play DirectX9 games on modern machines (e.g. AMD's recent adrenaline drivers totally lack dx9 support). I suspect intel cards also lack decent support for directx9.


      My only hope is that intel will patch this for future versions of their drivers. Unfortunately, EA games no longer supports BFME (it lost its LotR license rights back in 2010).


      Meanwhile, if you guys have any more ideas, I'm all ears.


      Thank you for reading.


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