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    Intel Aero RTF connecting External Sensors




      I am using an Intel Aero RTF with Arducopter.

      Currently am programming with Python and Dronekit.


      I was planning to connect external sensors to the drone using an arduino as a hub for all the sensors.


      The guides listed below generally attach to the PixHawk and then configure using QGC.

      Rangefinders (landing page) — Copter documentation



      I am planning to use the drone indoors "without GPS"

      So, I was planning to use ALT HOLD mode to test this first


      I wanted to know the following:


      1. If I have an external sensor for altitude ( ex: A time of flight sensor), how do I use the value in dronekit for altitude control.


      2. Is it fine that I am connecting external sensor through arduino using the usb port or are there more reliable or preferred methods.


      I would really appreciate any help.