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    Dell XPS 13 9350 Intel graphics update prevents bootup


      Approximately 10 days ago, Dell pushed a bios and Intel graphics driver update. My wife accepted and after downloads, she hit Finish and Restart. All she got was a blank screen. No way to get to Windows 10 Home.


      The built-in Dell utilities went through various tests and found no hardware problems. Eventually, I got the machine to a command prompt, reset Windows to boot in Safe Mode, and that did boot. In Windows safe mode, as suggested by someone on Tenforums.com, I disabled the Intel graphics driver. When I rebooted, Windows ran almost normally. Functions like sleep and standby were disabled. Some popup screens were showing up with tiny type, something I had been able to correct when the Intel graphics was running.


      Thinking that maybe the Intel update hadn't gone through correctly, when Dell again pushed an Intel update, I accepted it. This time when it wouldn't boot, it was worse. Again with advice from Tenforums,com, I disabled Intel virtualization and VT in the Bios. From there, I was able to go through the Safe Mode and disable the new Intel driver.


      I then did a System Restore. I think it went back to right before the updates but I had not been keeping track of Intel graphics driver version numbers. In any case, right now the machine has Intel Iris 540, 4/21/2017, v. showing in Device Manager. It has to be disabled for the machine to boot.


      The long version of this story is here.


      So, does anyone have an idea of what could be causing this and what a fix might be?