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    [DB75EN] Subwoofer out from mic in jack not working



      I have Intel DB75EN with windows 10 + latest audio driver installed from intel

      I have a subwoofer and little speakers (total 1+2)


      I have read the manual, it says that I can connect 'Center' (sub) out into the 'Mic in' jack


      (Blue) A Line in/surround

      (Green) B Line out/front speakers

      (Pink) C Mic in/center/sub


      also there are 2 on the front panel: Headphones and mic in (disables the back panel when connected)


      but in reality it only outputs sound through B and the front green one too,  nothing else

      I tried configuring the speakers to 5.1 with sub enabled in the sound settings in Windows

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          Power on the system without the Subwoofer plugged in. Once into Windows and things have settled down, plug in the Subwoofer. When it pops up the plugin-detected dialog, tell it you have plugged in a Subwoofer.


          Hope this helps,


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            Hey thanks for the reply

            I tried that but no dialog or anything showed up


            Note: the subwoofer i have is a small PC one (440W) it only has an outlet cable and a green jack (no usb or hdmi stuff)


            On my old computer i had the more control over bass (which is half the subwoofer's sound), i would raise the bass dB level from 0 and frequency from 80 default to 12dB & 375Hz respectively to get a good sound


            BUT on this motherboard i got this driver, it gives me the option to turn bass on or off but nothing more (level enhancement, and frequency are completely missing)


            The important part for now is that the sub out (pink mic in) jack doesn't give any output