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    Blurry text on older GPUs with the latest Windows 10 (1803)


      I've seen this issue a lot of places online but no-one managed to clearly track it down. So, with an older Intel GPU and the latest update of Windows 10, the text is blurry on some apps

      (the title bar is as expected, the rest below is not).

      So far it happens with Electron apps, Skype, Visual Studio, … and the issue goes away if you disable hardware accelerated text rendering (for instance Visual Studio Code, pass --disable-gpu). Normal Windows apps (GDI or UWP) are not affected. The issue becomes stronger when the window goes out of focus (try to move the mouse out, etc.). All in all, it makes a lot of apps unusable without a headache.

      I don't have this issue on my Surface with a HD Graphics 620. I have it on the Iris 5200 (4th Generation) of my rMBP 15" 2015.


      Looking up online it seems to be a problem from Intel graphics drivers, which has been fixed in most recent revisions. But older GPUs, such as the 4th gen, will not be updated and is stuck with version 15.40. Is there any way that Intel will be backporting the fix to older GPUs?