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    Can't daisy chain monitors



      I am trying to connect 2 (and possibly 3) monitors by MST with little success.

      my configuration is:

      HP 800 G1 with intel HD 4600 running windows 7 pro

      trying to connect two HP Z24s monitors.

      driver version for HD4600 is

      monitor shows "Generic pnp" with driver version 6.1.7600.16385


      both monitors have DP and mDP, and when choosing "input mode" I can choose DP1.1 or DP1.2.

      I cannot find a "MST enable" feature.


      My machine is connected DP to DP on 1st monitor which is set to DP1.2.

      1st monitor is connected mDP to DP on 2nd monitor which is set to DP1.1.


      my system does not recognize a second monitor.


      am I missing anything?