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    Why do I only see one drive in raid 10


      Just built a new machine and configured as raid 10. Everything seems to be working fine except that I only see one drive (C:). The Intel Matrix Storage manager sayd the drives are there but I cannot see the mirror drive. How do I check that?


      Asus P6X58D Premium MB

      Core I7 3.2ghz

      (4) WD caviar blue drives

      Win7 64



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          Because a RAID configuration masses all the drives together into one large array; none of the individual drives can be 'explored' on their own, nor would you want to with a RAID 10 array.  RAID 0 stripes the data between two alternate drives to increase write speeds; the stripes can be of varying width but I think the default is usually 64k.  So two of your drives are working together as a 'super drive', doubling the capacity and increasing write speeds.  RAID 1 then mirrors these two striped drives onto two more spare drives.  In this set up, you get the speed of RAID 0 with the redundency protection of RAID 1.  In theory.  I am learning the hard way that any RAID setup is a fragile beast, and having a redundent array does not protect you from data loss and all valuable data should be backed up anyway.


          How can you verify that all 4 drives are being used?  Because Intel Storage Matrix reports the raid as 'okay'.  The one 'C:\' drive you see should be the size of two of your drives added together; the other two drives are being used to back up your data.  But back up valuable information elsewhere anyway.