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    Razer Blade 2016 Intel HD 530 black screen problem


      I have a razer blade 14 2016 with nvidia 1060gtx and Intel HD 530 Integrated.


      i was using my laptop plugged via hdmi in my 4k tv with intel hd 530 disabled from control panel in Windows 10 1803 to improve peformance and remove lag while browsing the web and watching videos at 4k 60 hz at the TV. So I removed the laptop from tv and when I went to control panel to enable intel hd 530 the notebook freezed and went blackscreen.


      I tried reinstall the intel drivers latest version, it continues to freeze with a blackscreen where nothing shows and I can move the mouse cursor.

      So i tried making a  windows 10 clean install  but if I try to install the intel GPU driver then my screen turns black, and the only way to use my computer again is to uninstall the intel GPU from Safe Mode. The problem is using the notebook with intel gpu disabled i cannot adjust notebook screen bright and the screen is too lag and slow response to the commands.


      The same problem happens if I don't block Windows update, as it is trying to update the drivers of intel GPU.

      The other GPU, a NVIDIA 1060gtx, is working without problem if a plug the notebook via HDMI to the TV


      I tried a lot of solutions but nothing fixes the problem (reinstalling everything in different orders, formatting SSD, clean install windows 10), but nothing change the problem.


      Is my integrated intel GPU dead or defective? Is this a software or hardware problem?