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    Surface Pro with HD520 will not display on Samsung SmartTV


      We have a Surface Pro with attached docking station having two mini-HDMI ports. Operating system is Windows 10 64-bit. I can connect a mini-HDMI to HDMI connector between the docking station and a fairly large computer screen and have it extend or duplicate the Surface Pro display. Surface Pro is at 3000 x 2000 with 200% text. We connect another cable from the docking station to the Samsung SmartTV (6-series) HDMI2 interface, and Windows recognizes that it is there but will display nothing. That is, it shows a small second monitor but will not save a setting to extend or duplicate to it.


      I updated the Intel driver from 22.something to 24.20.something & rebooted, but to no avail. I went into the Intel graphics control panel, and it also recognizes the Samsung and seems to allow Clone or Extend, but when I try to save that, it does not display on the Samsung and will not save it in a profile.