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    Problems with Intel Wireless ac 3165. Slow speeds


      Hello I have my Insipron 15 Gaming 7567 gaming laptop. I current have 200 Mbps download and 35Mbps upload internet plan. And up to a few weeks ago I never had issues with speed. And speed tests would show those speeds. Now my computer can't get past a hard cap of 25ish Mbps download. I have checked the speed on other devices (my galaxy s9 for instance) and they all reach the speeds of my internet plan. So its not my router or internet provider. I have tried everything. From clean installing the wifi drivers to tweaking the advance settings of my wireless adapter.

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          Never mind, I found out that I am being throttled by my internet Service provider (Optimum). Using a VPN gets my speeds almost up to 200 Mpbs. It's funny how when I use their support feature and mention Throttle, it wont even open a ticket. But two seconds later I don't mention that and it works. What a coincidence. Same thing on the phone, as soon as I ask "You guys dont throttle services do you?" the phone call drops. Nice Net Neutrality.  Time to open complaints with the FCC(haha fat chance they help) and any other body that will listen. Sorry for the rant.