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    Fluctuating and Unstable depth stream from Intel real sense D435.


      By seeing the on-paper specification, I have bought 6 Intel Real sense D435 sensors. And the quality of depth information is too bad when compared with Kinect V2 sensor. For my application, as a first step, I need to do background subtraction. While I was using Kinect V2 sensor, I used a static background depth frame as a reference for separating the background and foreground pixels in a depth image.


      But with Intel real sense D435, the depth information of background (like walls, doors etc) are always fluctuating. Even I tried with different pre-sets, and postprocessing filters, but the depth frames are not stable. With the depth quality tool from Intel, the plane close to the sensor(<2m) has Plane fit RMS error <1mm. But the background walls in the room which are around 6m from the sensor or even some objects around 2m are not stable.


      Attached are the videos showing background depth and point cloud form Intel real sense D435 and Kinect V2 sensors.

      How can I achieve the quality of depth similar to Kinect? Are there any known settings to get depth frames without any vibrations?

      By the way, for my application, I need depth frames at 60fps. So I am using 60 fps with a resolution of 848 x 480.


      Thanks in advance, for your help and time.